Recession-Proof Home-Based Businesses – Industry Based Business

This article is for anyone out there thinking of getting into the online business industry, yet is worried that there is no market due to the current state of the economy. The situation is actually quite the contrary… online business is one industry which has been unaffected and continues to grow in the current recession.Yes, most people are currently more protective of their money, but, more people are also currently out of a job, and are many of them are in debt. With more lay-offs and fewer traditional jobs available, where are people looking for a way out? That’s right… the internet. There are currently about 80 million searches daily in North America alone for home-based business related topics.So yes… there is a market out there. Online business is in fact one of the only industries which hasn’t been affected by the recession. With 80 million daily home-based business searches and all the money being spent online, it could be argued that the industry is essentially recession-proof. As a home-based business owner you could be 100% financially independent in a recession-proof industry… with 80 million potential new customers a day, it definitely is a possibility.There are however also more home-based business scams than ever, so research your options carefully. Do not trust promises of “getting rich quick”. Can you make a lot of money faster than you can in almost any other industry? Yes you can, but no company will get you rich quick with little or no effort, so beware of such offers. With the right company and the right attitude however, it is possible to be a success in an industry unaffected by the recession. So, if you’re wondering how to escape current economic recession… there’s one answer.

The Truth About Home Based Business – Industry Based Business

People flock to this industry with big dreams of Mansions, Yachts and fancy cars. Thinking that if they just simply join XYZ company and tell all of their friends and family about it, they too will soon be crossing the stage and seeing their names in lights. As you know, I am a HUGE fan of the Direct Sales Industry. What I get tired of are individuals who come into this industry with a Lottery mentality thinking that their registration fee entitles them to the top pay ranks of their company. So, what I’m going to do for you us give you the Truth About Home Based Business.1) Business: Yes, this is a BUSINESS!! For most of us, we build a big organizations through Network Marketing. I want you to look closely at those two words. Net-WORK being the first word. Somewhere along the way people got it in their head that if you simply join and get your brother and Aunt to join you’re going to be Rich. I’ve got news for you, it doesn’t work that way. EVERY top earner works his/her Home Based Business just as hard (probably harder) than any other job they have ever had. The Second word is MARKETING. It’s not Inviting, pitching, harassing or my personal favorite, attending. No, it’s MARKETING. I know I always hound this point, but if you stop Marketing your business, you have no business. There is a reason the Top Producers in your company are at the top, they always have people to talk to.2) Expectations: You’re results are going to be right in line with your efforts. So, if you expect to get involved with a particular company and have no intentions of putting forth anymore capital or resources, you are going to get the same in return. However, on the other hand, if you go into your opportunity expecting to have to fund it like any other business and you understand there are going to be travel, marketing, promotional and product expenses, you will get the same in return. Too many people come into this industry simply looking for an answer to a problem. What these individuals need to be conscious of is that this is an opportunity and what happens with that opportunity is what they make of it.3) Thoughts: You are no longer an employee of someone else. You are now your own boss. For many this is an absolute nightmare. Do you know why all successful companies continue to be successful? Because they are all run on disciplined systems. Can you imagine if McDonalds just decided not to make fries for a day? No, you always expect there to be someone there making fries. So, why do so many get into the Home Based Business industry and think they can go a few days without doing something like Marketing. If this is you, you need to take a hard look at what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. It is now up to you to start thinking like the Founder, CEO and President of YOU inc. That means you get to do all of the work until you are profitable enough to outsource that work. One more piece of advice about thoughts…DO NOT start to think about your hourly rate in the beginning. Yes, you could be making more money cooking those fries we just talked about. Stick with it and continue down your structured path of success and you can buy one of those Franchises (not that you would want to).I truly do believe there is no other industry like the Home Based Business Industry. My goal here is to make you aware of what it’s really going to take for this industry to produce all of your dreams. As long as you come into this focused and understand that it is the same as any other business on the planet, you will have success. Like I’ve said before, if you treat this like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby. So, I hope this has shed some light on The Truth About Home Based Business. Until next time, Happy Marketing.